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I am thrilled to be co-hosting a unique, new Podcast starting July 7. The 'Next Normal' is a stimulating conversation with a team of thinkers from different disciplines, exploring how life is changing and evolving through the pandemic to whatever the next normal becomes. Through 12 podcasts we'll discuss the nature of work, cities, relationships, meaning, innovation and more – how will we collectively adapt to the changes and opportunities ahead? Great food for thought!

The Next Normal Podcasts

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Episode 1
Everything has meaning and meaning is a form of currency
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we explore how our experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic have sharpened or changed our sense of meaning – the meaning of words, the meaning of rituals, the meaning of relationships and values. 

Episode 2
If we're successful in evolving the world of work, what does it look like for our grandchildren?
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we’re exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the workplace – and how it is redefining the future of work. We’re exploring the needs, values, interests and priorities of employers and employees in determining "what’s next" in the workplace.

Episode 3
The pandemic push and the technology pull in the planning of healthy cities
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we’re reimagining our cities and our physical environments. We’re talking  about the needs that the pandemic has exposed in our communities and the opportunity to rethink what we want in terms of healthy cities, health equity and smart communities.

Episode 4
How COVID-19 stressed and tested our resilience
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, I challenge my co-hosts to think about “adaptive capacity”. Our adaptive capacity was certainly stressed and tested during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting our collective need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. What have we learned so far and what do we need to do going forward to build resilience?

Episode 5
How self-care during the pandemic brought us closer to our neighbours, our colleagues and ourselves
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we’re exploring the changing meaning of self-care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve developed new self-care practices. My co-hosts and I share examples of how self-care has evolved in our personal lives and professional environments, and we talk about the shifts to what life could look like moving forward.

Episode 6
The pandemic creates a new innovation culture
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, I lead a robust discussion focused on how critical innovation is to building an adaptive and resilient society. We discuss the unpreceded innovation in public health during the pandemic as an example of what’s possible and the opportunities to leverage that drive to become a more innovative culture -- one that removes the barriers, enables risk taking, allows for experimentation and celebrates creativity. It starts by opening the dialogue with people to develop a shared understanding of what is desired and what is possible – plus learning from history and what is being done in other areas, like climate change, where innovation is enabled and encouraged.

Episode 7
New Skills Development in the NEXT Normal
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we bust some of the prevailing myths, assumptions and outdated ideas around career and skill development. Instead, my co-hosts and I focus on what we’ve learned through our pandemic experience. What is important to us? What do we want to focus on going forward? What skills do we need to foster in our workforce? And what have we discovered about education and training?

Episode 8
Artificial Intelligence isn’t as smart as you may think
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, my co-host Dave Hardy, shares his belief that we’re in a better place today than we were pre-covid and his expectation that things to improve based on the accelerated development of new technologies, particularly those driven by AI. We discuss how the pandemic has challenged governments and industry to reassess the role of technology in our daily lives. And we talk about the potential for AI and our responsibility to use AI purposefully to build a better future.

Episode 9
Whose responsibility is it to build a better normal?
In this episode of The NEXT Normal, co-host Ujwal Arkalgud, leads us through an exploration of the changing nature of the American social contract and the decisions we entrust to our leaders. What does it mean to lead post-pandemic? Whose responsibility is it to build a better normal? And what can we expect from leadership moving forward?

Episode 10
Challenging outdated career thinking
In this episode of THE NEXT NORMAL, we confront ageism – particularly in the workplace – head-on. Led by co-host, Lisa Taylor, we debunk myths about older workers. Whatever we call our ageing workforce, Lisa shudders when it’s referred to as the “grey tsunami”. We talk about breaking “the career ladder’ and focusing now on transitioning with purpose.

Episode 11
COVID Has Created a Global Climate Experiment
In this episode of THE NEXT NOMAL, co-host Dave Hardy challenges us to look at the big picture of energy and environmental considerations post-pandemic, what we’ve learned, and the opportunity ahead. What has shifted in the minds of the consumer? What are we missing? Where should we be looking next? Who is obligated to respond?

Episode 12
Lessons Learned During the Pandemic – Creativity is Currency
In this last episode of Season 1 of THE NEXT NORMAL, I lead the conversation by focusing on creativity and risk-taking – necessary for meaningful innovation. How do we come together to co-create our future – our collective next normal? I challenge my brilliant co-hosts to think about what we’ve learned from the pandemic experience.  What can we take forward with clear purpose, to work collaboratively, to tackle big issues – climate change, food and water security, health equity, etc.? And how can we be more mindful in the decisions and the actions that we take? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion.