What is Mental Modeling Technology™?

Mental Modeling Technology™ (MMT™) is a unique social science-based platform, the core of which is a software-supported management process for developing validated, behavior-specific programs, and seamlessly integrating policy, strategy, communications and measurement. Programs are founded on deep insight and concrete data – not intuition and guesswork – into the most powerful influences on people’s judgment and decision making.

Basic objectives for Mental Modeling Technology™ are to:

  • Inform and support decision making and action;
  • Change key beliefs; and
  • Change key behaviors.

MMT™ can be applied on any topic to any set of decisions anywhere in the world.

Origin and history of Mental Modeling Technology™

Together with a world-renowned cognitive scientist, Decision Partners developed MMT™ as a management process for strategic risk communication in 1990. Since that time, Decision Partners has extended its application of MMT™  beyond risk communication to a wide range of challenges where successful outcomes rely on change in the judgment, decision making and behavior of key stakeholders.

The phenomenon of mental models is well established in cognitive psychology. Researchers have studied mental models since the 1930s to better understand how people interpret and respond to communications of all kinds. Often described as tacit webs of belief and underlying rationale for those beliefs, mental models have been clearly shown to have a powerful influence people’s judgment and decision making.

Hundreds of applications of MMT™ have been conducted internationally resulting in a large and rapidly growing volume of Intellectual Property supporting the process.