How does the MMT™ Platform work?

The Mental Modeling Technology™ (MMT™) Platform is an innovative, expertise-with-services business framework that can be customized to the specific applications of clients, users, partners and Applications Professionals in corporate, industry, government, consulting and non-profit organizations around the world.

The MMT™ Platform bundles a proprietary, science-informed management process, unique research instruments, methods and tools supported by custom software and services provided by expert and experienced professionals. The MMT™ Platform provides clients, users, partners and Applications Professionals with scientifically validated methods and tools for accomplishing three primary objectives:

  1. Informing and supporting decision making and action;
  2. Changing key beliefs; and
  3. Changing key behaviors.

The MMT™ Platform can be applied on any topic, set of decisions and behaviors, anywhere in the world and is available only through Decision Partners.

Subscribing to the MMT™ Platform represents a minimal upfront investment with cost based on the user or applications professional’s use of tools, intellectual property and expert professional services. Find out how you can get started.