How is Mental Modeling Insight™ different?

Mental Modeling Insight™ (MMI™) is unique in its: faithfulness to cognitive, behavior and communication sciences; focus on enabling better informed judgment, decision making and behavior; methodology for understanding and addressing mental models; emphasis on measurable behavioral outcomes; commitment to working with concrete data; and delivery of science-informed, strategic change solutions.

Mental Modeling Insight™ is distinguished by its:

  • Solid, conceptual base, rooted in the relevant disciplines: decision theory, cognitive behavioral research, risk perception, risk communication and management science.
  • Complete set of integrated procedures that guide implementation of the critical tasks from definition of vision and mission, to implementation and evaluation.
  • Ability to leverage the information most critical to enabling decision making and behavior.
  • Ability to be readily integrated into other management, program, strategy and communication processes.
  • Measurable behavioral results directly traceable to process.
  • Ability to be performed to scientific standards, publishable in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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