Strategic Change Management / Transformation Solutions™

MMT™ applied to Strategic Change Management / Transformation Solutions™ helps accomplish effective and efficient organizational transformation. It identifies and supports resolution of unacceptably costly, complex issues, risks and repeating problems affecting organizational performance. It enables people at all levels to succeed in the ways most important to them.

This application comprises the science-informed and evidence-based processes, methods, tools and communications people require to cost-effectively convert strategy, policies, practices and goals into sustainable behavior.

Typical results of Sustainable Change Management /Transformation Solutions™:

  • Rapid and significantly improved performance in critical functions.
  • Better alignment in understanding and action between leaders at all levels and internal talent.
  • Stronger and sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Reduction in risks and mitigation of highest priority risks.
  • Projects completed ahead of schedule and under budget, time and again.
  • Improved operations with improved occupational safety and health performance.
  • Higher rates of return on all significant investments of money and effort.
  • Accelerated payback on investments.

Decision Partners’ Leadership Dialogue™ training and workshops typically feature in organizations’ transformational change strategies. Leadership Dialogue™ was developed to measurably improve participants’ leadership skills by enhancing their ability to learn from people, and communicate in ways that precisely focus other people’s thinking and behavior.

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