What We Work On

Broad Application of Mental Modeling Insight™

Decision Partners supports the application of Mental Modeling Insight™ by users and Applications Professionals worldwide addressing a broad range of challenges including:

Strategic Risk Communication™

  • Addressing consumer perceptions of food safety risks, including those related to new products and technologies.
  • Identifying critical influences on decision making among cosmetic surgery patients.
  • Addressing soldiers’ judgments of the risks and benefits of anthrax and smallpox vaccine.
  • Establishing an integrated approach to risk management and risk communications across the full spectrum of biotechnology application.
  • Establishing Strategic Risk Communications™ management systems within federal government departments, industry associations and individual companies.
  • Designing multi-level, multi-stakeholder risk communication plans and messages regarding topics such as pandemic influenza, vaccines, emergency preparedness on challenges related to homeland security.

Science-Informed Stakeholder Engagement™

  • Understanding stakeholder and citizens’ perceptions of the risks and benefits associated with controversial industrial facilities and new technologies.
  • Understanding industry, stakeholder and citizen judgments of electricity supply mix portfolios, including the acceptability of new energy technologies.
  • Applying MMI™ stakeholder engagement processes and decision support tools to identify novel re-use options for historical industrial land and buildings, while building informed community judgment.
  • Addressing community residents’ health concerns associated with air emissions from nearby power and chemical plant operations.
  • Understanding stakeholder and consumer perceptions of the balance of risks and benefits presented by biotechnology and nanotechnology and using this insight to shape policies for these emerging fields.

Adoption of Leading Practice and Technology, South Africa

  • Saving lives, reducing key risks and minimizing injuries in steady progress toward accomplishing Zero Harm in mining in South Africa.

Business Strategy, Governance and Systems Design

  • Designing long-term strategic plans that are readily adaptable in a rapidly evolving energy sector.
  • Combining software-based decision analysis methods with strategic risk/benefit communications research to create innovative know-how for predictive risk analysis and strategic planning.
  • Supporting strategic consolidation of industry associations and professional societies into focused business platforms.

Sustainable Change Management/Transformation Solutions™

  • Developing and supporting custom applications of MMI™ for companies, industry associations and government agencies to better accomplish sustainable change management and organizational transformation initiatives, focused on measurable behavioral outcomes.

Program / Communication Assessment and Evaluation

  • Conducting an independent review to identify, assess and value the full business opportunity of effective stakeholder and Aboriginal engagement for a public utility to allow leaders to make objective informed investment decisions.
  • Designing and pre-testing behavioral communication for improving occupational safety and health performance.
  • Evaluating strategies and communications aimed at significantly reducing youth initiation and use of tobacco products.

Product and Service Innovation. Technology Transfer and Adoption.

  • Developing and supporting science-informed decision support tools for better informed business critical strategy and investment decision making and behavior.
  • Creating new products and services, and realigning existing products and services to realize the highest value growth opportunities.
  • Creating a successful technology transfer and adoption management system for a prominent U.S. federal government laboratory.
  • Co-developing a state-of-the-science suite for identifying the total requirements for success of an existing product in new markets and new products.